Ladysmith Family and Friends

LaFF is a resource program for families and caregivers from all Ladysmith and surrounding areas with children up to the age of 6 to have a supportive, enriching, safe, and inclusive community environment where they will meet to promote the development of nurturing, healthy, and happy families.

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Located at Aggie Hall at 1st Avenue and Symonds Street, LaFF’s morning program provides daily programming to help nurture and develop family life.

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Also located at Aggie Hall, unlike our morning program, LaFFternoon offers a more intimate and slower paced atmosphere.

You can expect the same child-friendly, play-based activities, but in the afternoon, we play together with a smaller number of participants (usually no more than 10 families).

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Located at the Frank Jameson Community Centre & Swimming Pool on 6th Avenue, this evening program is the perfect opportunity for you and your child(ren), aged 0 to 6, to burn off energy before bedtime and have tons of fun doing it!

Play with balls & tunnels, run around, and meet a new friend.

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Wanted: Seniors who want to share their skills or passions with children and families.

Are you a grandparent in your heart but have no grandchildren to share your time with? This might be for you.

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Jacquie Neligan
Devoted staff

Having caregivers and children participate in the French Toast Friday clean-up is such a wonderful way for children to see helping and working together first hand.