Dear LaFF board,

I am writing today to thank LaFF for the support, education and opportunities I have obtained with this organization.

I began attending two years ago when I moved to the area with my young family. From the beginning I have felt welcome and was impressed by the inclusive and warm atmosphere. My daughter delighted in attending the program and enjoyed the many activities. I have taken several parenting courses over her lifetime but never have I learned so much as by watching your LaFF coordinator in action. Observing her positive interactions with the many different children and variety of families I was able to come away with more ideas around my own style of parenting and how to make my own family’s life more joyful.

Thank you again for all the hard work and effort your staff and board put into LaFF; it is a program worth it’s weight in gold for the families of Ladysmith.

Sincerely, Beverly B.

Dear LaFF Staff,

Re: “French Toast Friday”

I just wanted to write and tell you what a great experience “French Toast Friday” was today.

Even though Jack and I regularly attend LaFF, we’ve never experienced “French Toast Friday” before.

French Toast

Being there today, I truly felt I was part of a special event. Seeing how organized everything was and how much the kids and parents and caregivers were thoroughly enjoying the feast and pitching in with the preparations made me feel proud to be part of such a wonderful membership and community.

The hand washing station beside the preparation table was a great idea and it was fun to see how after its purpose had been served, a few children transformed it into a “food and dishwashing” station, washing toy food and dishes from the toy kitchen station. The children even helped dry the toys in order to help with the end of day clean up. I know Jack had a ball playing there and it was all the basic ingredients a parent could duplicate at home at the kitchen sink or outside once the warm weather comes around.

It was wonderful to see everyone pitching in with cleaning up and putting toys, tables and chairs away. Having caregivers and children participate in the clean-up is such a wonderful way for children to see helping and working together first hand. It’s one thing to come together and play with all the great toys but it’s another for them to see that “there’s a place for everything and everything in its place”.

I can definitely say that Jack and I are looking forward to our next “French Toast Friday”.

Thanks to all the wonderful staff at LaFF for continuing to provide such fun and important programs.

Julie C.

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